You’re No Better

Able-bodied people, you aren’t better than us.  You aren’t more deserving, you aren’t more worthy, you aren’t better people, you aren’t more attractive, you aren’t special.  We are the same.  You’re not doing us a favor by letting us exist and reproduce anymore than we’re doing you a favor by letting you exist and reproduce.  Stop with the annoyingly self righteous, superior attitude.  You aren’t any more entitled to life and its resources than disabled people.

The Resistance Against Acknowledging Ableism

The main reason why people are offended by the concept that discrimination against the disabled exists is because they don’t want to believe they’re are a bigot.   They don’t want to hear that you can’t simultaneously be a decent person and treat people with disabilities as less than.  It’s much easier to say something doesn’t exist than to think introspectively about whether you’ve been contributing to the problem.  It will always be simpler to ignore your contributions to ableism than to try to improve your actions.  It’s uncomfortable to view yourself in a negative light, so they just say that negative light doesn’t exist-and they get angry when anyone challenges their comfortable reality.